I’ve always believed you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their nails. I wore acrylic nails for years in efforts to always look like I had nice nails. My nails would peal, my cuticles would bleed, they were brittle and I could never get them to grow. Since drinking this water my nails have gotten strong and healthy. They don’t peel or break, the tips are white and smooth, and look better than ever!

– Lauren T. , Atlanta, GA

I’ve listened to the amazing stories about the benefits of this “magic water” spring, even before it had a name in the marketplace. Being a huge water drinker I had to try it; now I have my own story. I suffer from terrible sinus and tension headaches. I drank two glasses of allqua and about 10-15 minutes later I noticed that my headache lifted and I felt so much better. I did not try the water expecting anything. I enjoyed it’s flavor and it’s many health benefits that followed. Its encouraging to learn about it’s powerful all natural ingredients while I find out more shocking information about additives in other bottled waters.  I am going to drink water everyday, no matter what. Now I can choose a bottled water that does exactly what the people that have visited it’s spring say it does….supports good health and healing!

– Harriet H. , Atlanta, GA

I have always had full, thick lionesque type hair, but with full/thick locks also comes frizzy, poofy, unmanageable hair.  Since I have started drinking allqua I have noticed no matter how hot or humid it may be, my hair is always silky, shiny,  flowy, and FRIZZ FREE!!

– Angela K. , Atlanta, GA

From a doctors point of view, drinking refreshing allqua is my natural choice to help my acid reflux and my inflammatory symptoms.

– Dr. Jeffrey Gallups, C.E.O , Atlanta, GA

I hate water,  literally hate it but this was the cleanest purest water I have ever drank. It’s so good I don’t want to even group it in the same category as water. It made me feel amazing after drinking it and I’ve never experienced that from water before. I’m sold.

Amanda B., Carrollton, GA