allqua Water

Drinking allqua daily has been known to improve a myriad of ailments including boosting the immune system, reducing headaches, decreasing joint pain and improving a multitude of digestive issues. In addition to its fresh pure taste, drinking allqua positively contributes to your overall health.

allqua is 100% natural and is bottled directly from a centuries old continuously flowing spring in Pine Mountain, Georgia.  No additives or chemicals are ever added during the bottling process as they would diminish the benefits and alter the taste of the water.

Drinking allqua puts you on the right path to:

  • Address an Over-Active Acidic System
    • An over-active acidic system is common in the typical American diet; drinking allqua helps to neutralize the pH and bring balance to your system.
  • Prevent Disease
    • Supercharge your immune system by drinking allqua since it acts as a natural antioxidant.
  • Fight the Aging Process
    • allqua contains sulphur, which promotes the growth of keratin, the outer layer of hair, skin and nails.
  • Flush Out Undesirable Toxins
    • allqua’s precise combination of natural nutrients, minerals and alkalinity flushes out toxins from your system and contributes to an overall healthier you!