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There are so many options when it comes to drinking water these days.  But do you know exactly what you are putting into your body?  Taking this question to heart, I recently made a conscience decision to stop drinking from the tap.  Here are my Top 4 reasons why.

1.)  The Flint Problem – Just how did Flint, Michigan’s drinking water become toxic?  It ultimately was a combination of a series of problems including an aging infrastructure, a corrosive water source and poor decisions made by government officials. This resulted in a serious public health danger exposing the community to elevated levels of lead, among other contaminants.   So one has to ask, is this an isolated incident or is this just the tip of the iceberg as it relates to public drinking water issues?  I discovered this clip the other night while catching up on my LATE SHOW.

2.)  The Fluoride Debate – This debate has been on the forefront of public drinking water for 70 years now. Though, I’ll admit, in the early years of this debate some believed that water fluoridation was part of a communist conspiracy to undermine public health.  The truth is most ground waters naturally contain some level of fluoride. However, those against fluoridation argue that people now receive a sufficient amount of fluoride from many other sources in their daily life other than just drinking water.  One can be exposed through toothpaste or other dental products, pesticides, and even tea. Notably, in 2010, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) lowered the allowable level of fluoride in drinking water to 0.7 milligrams per liter.  For me, I have no doubt that fluoride can prevent tooth decay but, like anything in life, you can have too much of a good thing. Approximately 70% of the US public water supply is treated with fluoride.  To find out your local fluoride levels you can visit the CDC website.

3.)  Contaminants – Lead and other heavy metals can make their way into your tap water through corrosion of the pipes in your water system. This is exactly what is happening in Flint, Michigan. Excessive lead consumption has been linked to severe developmental delays and learning disorders in children. But lead is not the only tap water contaminant to worry about. Other contaminants, such as Hexavalent Chromium, are thought to be carcinogenic..  If Hexavalent Chromium sounds familiar it’s because the contaminant was the focus of the 2000 biographical film Erin Brockovich starring Julia Roberts.  In 2010, the Environmental Working Group did a study of US tap water and found Hexavalent Chromium in 31 out the 35 cities tested.

4.)  Smell Ya Later, Tap Water – Have you ever poured a glass of tap water and noticed a fishy odor?  Many algae or bacteria in the water supply can cause this type of smell as well as some metals, like iron and copper.  Depending on what is causing the unpleasant odor, and the concentration of that matter, water with this type of odor could either be non-harmful or quite harmful to your health. Some smells are simply due to leftover scents remaining after the water has been filtered at the water treatment plant. Other smells are due to the presence of harmful bacteria or matter still being present in the water.

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Top 4 Reasons I Stopped Drinking Tap Water