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Elixir of Life: Now Comes in a Bottle


From ancient times, people discovered that elixir of life or water rich in minerals can help them recover health. While little was known about the specific mineral composition of the waters in the 17th and 18th centuries, certain health benefits were observed.  Waters taken from certain springs offered real, if modest, therapeutic effects and were often prescribed by physicians to treat certain dietary ailments.

Today we know that as water runs through underground rocks, trace minerals such as iron, calcium, sulphur and manganese dissolve into it. When it reaches a layer of impermeable rock, the water flows naturally out onto the earth’s surface in the form of a spring. The mineral properties of spring water vary from region to region and even from spring to spring, therefore each source has different therapeutic properties depending on its mineral composition.

While spring waters aren’t necessarily marketed as “magic healing water” anymore, we would be remiss to ignore the association between natural spring water and our health. One of these historic healing springs – Meriwether White Sulphur Springs – has begun bottling its water under the name allqua water.  Bottled directly from the source in Pine Mountain, Georgia, this unique watering hole has been flowing for centuries.  As a small health resort and spa with hotel in the late 1800’s until the 1940’s when it burned down, White Sulphur Springs hosted such luminaries as Jackie Kennedy, John D. Rockefeller and President Franklin D Roosevelt.

While most spring waters are treated to remove bacteria and possible contaminants, spring waters retain many of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).  TDS is the sum of all trace compounds and minerals dissolved in water measured in parts per million (ppm).  According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, for bottled water to be labeled as “purified,” it must have a TDS count of no more than 10 ppm.  On the other hand, the FDA classifies mineral water as water containing at least 250 ppm.  Often times you hear water critics refer to purified or processed water as tasting flat, or flavorless. That’s because the sodium, calcium, chlorides, among other minerals that give water its flavor, have been removed. Though taste is highly subjective as it relates to the individual drinker, mineral water typically has an undesirable taste according to the typical American palate.  With a total of 130 ppm, allqua water falls somewhere in the middle, offering the perfect level of clarity and mineral composition to maintain that smooth taste yet still reap the health benefits.  The consistency is assured through stringent source and finished product testing in accordance with the Georgia Department of Agriculture standards and regulations.

Furthering the uniqueness of this water is the fact that it is naturally alkaline, maintaining a pH level greater than 7.5.  On the pH scale, a level less than 7 is considered to be acidic while greater than 7 is alkaline.  The “normal” state of healthy individuals is slightly alkaline contradicting the typical over-acidic American diet.  Alkaline water helps to neutralize those acids and flush out any unwanted toxins.

For more information visit allquawater.com or call 770-845-4905.

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Our water source has been continuously flowing for centuries, having been utilized by Native Americans and everyone from President Franklin D. Roosevelt to local citizens who have all testified to the “Water with Benefits”. Allqua water is naturally alkaline and comes directly from an underground source which we are dedicated to preserving and protecting. Learn more at www.allquawater.com
Elixir of Life: Now Comes in a Bottle